Terry Schrimpf



My name is Terry Schrimpf and I am co-owner of Sydney Broderick Salon and Spa.


I graduated in May of 1982 from Redel Institute of Beauty in Jefferson City, Mo.  I was in the industry 6 years, working for someone, until I wanted to take charge of my destiny in this field.  I wanted to restore professionalism in the career I love and planned to continue throughout my life. 


I have worked with so many wonderful people, whether they were co-workers, clients, or retailers, etc. that I knew this was my calling a very young age.


Always striving for more, in 2005 my younger sister Angie and I came up with a plan to give Jefferson City, Mo a taste of Paul Mitchell professionalism.  After a trip to San Diego and studies in a Robert Cromoeans class we came up with “Sydney Broderick Salon and Spa”.  We opened in April of 2005 as a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon.


I am also a licensed Esthetician so I am still intrigued with skincare and finding ways to make people look and feel better about themselves.


In 2009 I started training to do permanent cosmetics and have been licensed or 5 years now.  My goal is to make people look and feel better about themselves. 


At the age of 51 (32 years later) I still continue to be an advocate for professionalism in the Beauty Industry, whether it’s in haircare or skincare.