Angela Mays


I would like to introduce myself, I am Angela Mays, Co-Owner of Sydney Broderick Salon and Spa.  Almost 11 years ago my sister/business partner Terry and I took “A Leap of Faith”.  We had a vision and created a work environment that we all dream of.  I am proud to say we designed our building and business plan from the ground up.  It took nearly 2 years to create but we are now almost ten years old!  We are often asked where the name came from.  We simple named the salon after our children.


I have practiced in Jefferson City as a stylist for 15 years and still have the same passion, if not more, than the day I graduated from Cosmetology School.  Not one day goes by that I do not learn something new, not day that I’m not challenged, not day passes without being able to touch one life and make a difference.  My work is so fulfilling.  This industry is so exciting and in constant motion, always evolving into something more creative and exciting!  My clients have learned that I love change and I love learning, they teach me and I teach them.  Color and Reactive cutting are two creative ways I express character and skill in my work.  Hair extensions have grown to be another favorite trick I have up my sleeve for instant gratification.  Whether for a dramatic change or an enhancement, hair extensions may be the answer.


I pride myself on staying up on the current trends and styles, advanced and continuing education a “must-have”.  I attend as many conventions and more hand one classes as my work schedule will permit.  I also bring “in-salon education” to my stylists and myself on a regular basis.


I truly believe we express who we are by the way we present ourselves to the word.  I would love to help you show the world what you are made of!  Decorate yourself with the help of the design team at Sydney Broderick Salon and Spa!